You have a very unique style.

When having got dressed, it's formed by some born peculiar air senses.The material, the form and the color depend on subtle balance of various elements, and that will be completed with "time" and "space" around the person who puts it on.Clothes are this spatial and are theater-like goods.


A never-ending drama can be buried in never-ending daily life.When it's also theater-like designing/producing/to manage a sold company, theater products consider clothes.The actuality by which the organization to develop "the expression which made the body a medium" daily exists in a corner of the world physically is a living allegory about the structure of the theater.An audience concentrates about their own meaning, and to separate something from the world, give it in a stage and show it brings time to think.


The action with the casual fashion brand, to we give each in a stage, and working on fashion.I keep considering fashion about itself.When there is fashion, the situation of all place and everything is complete as a theater.Fashion makes all places a theater.

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